TechEducator Podcast: CUE SteamPunk

Last week I had the opportunity to join the #Techeducator podcast for a conversation about makerspaces/fab labs/innovation labs in education. The panel included a fantastic collection of folks (Brian Briggs & Doug Robertson) associated with Jon Corippo‘s CUE SteamPunk program, which provides “quick start” lesson plans and lends out sets…

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#NerdyCast Conversation with @TheNerdyTeacher

I had the opportunity this evening to chat with Nicholas Provenzano (@thenerdyteacher) on his podcast NerdyCast. Over the course of an hour, we discuss¬†comics, graphic novels, reading, and makerspaces in schools. True to form, Nick brings his passion, insight, and humor to the conversation while also managing to drop some…

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Don’t Miss This Week’s NerdyCast Show!

Tomorrow evening I’ll be chatting with my #GTAMTV colleague and friend, Nicholas Provenzano, AKA @thenerdyteacher,¬†on NerdyCast, an incredible podcast he’s been running for the past few years. The archive of past shows is well worth checking out! We’ll be talking about makerspaces in education, education technology news, comic books, Star…

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