Tonight I had the opportunity to facilitate the Connecticut Educator Twitter Chat (#CTedu) with special guests Nicholas Provenzano (aka @thenerdyteacher) and Andrew Watt (aka @andrewbwatt). The topic was makerspaces in school communities: What are they? How and why should they be used? What resources are available for me to learn more? 

Given that Twitter chats are often an unwieldy beast, I’ve tried to reconstruct an abridged version for your convenience! If you have resources or materials you’d like to share, please add a comment below or ping me on Twitter!

Q1: What are makerspaces? Why are they important for school communities? #CTedu

Q2A: How do we get started with makerspaces? What do we need in terms of space and tools? #CTedu

Q2B: How do teachers & librarians get the skills & experience necessary to become a #makerspace leader? #CTedu

Q3: How should a #makerspace connect to the larger curriculum? What about assessment? #CTedu

Q4: What resources or communities would you recommend to others seeking more information re: #makerspaces? #CTedu