Next Tuesday night, 8:00-8:30PM EST, I’ll be moderating the Connecticut Educators Twitter Chat (#CTedu) with two very special guests: Nick Provenzano (@thenerdyteacher) and Andrew Watt (@andrewbwatt). We will be talking all about the role and impact of makerspaces in education, and it promises to be a engaging and fast-paced conversation that you don’t want to miss!


Nick is a high school English teacher, blogger, podcaster, and education consultant from MI. We met last summer at Google Teacher Academy in Mountain View, CA. This past spring, Nick helped create his school’s first makerspace and has been busy getting it ready for the arrival of students this fall. He has lots of great insights on how to get community support to create a space that empowers students to be masters of their own learning:

We have students who are interested in many different topics but don’t have the access to the resources for fully exploring them… [A] student led a presentation outlining what they wanted to accomplish and how teachers can help them achieve their goal. It was so exciting to see students take control of a project like this.

Andrew is a makerspace pioneer who has been doing incredible things here in CT for several years:

In 2009, I made a trip to the Nueva School in California to meet Kim Saxe, and visit their Innovation Lab, and learn about Design Thinking. My boss sent me out there, hoping to bring Design Thinking to an East Coast school in a big way.  I can’t thank her enough for the ways she’s shown me to grow and develop as a teacher. I don’t think I’ve been the same since; my boss says “you’ve swallowed the blue pill.”  That place made a deep impression on me, and I owe them so very, very much out at Nueva.

His blog is a repository of information for all things related to design thinking and makerspaces. They just opened up a new innovation lab in his school that looks amazing – I hope to visit it sometime soon! In addition, he has organized a Summer Make Camp that encourages readers to become not just makers, but Makers:

My goal is to make Makers. Designers. Creators. Inventors. People who know how to think about certain kinds of problems visually, and sculpturally.

So my goal is to get you to make something of yourself, for yourself, this summer.Something of glue and popsicle sticks, something of yarn and ribbon and hope, something of clay and paint and desperation, and isn’t there only one more week of summer left? No.  You have time.

So whether you are an experienced Maker or someone just starting to think about the maker movement in your school community, join us Tuesday, July 28th 8:00-8:30PM EST for the #CTedu chat! We hope to see you there!

PS. If there are specific questions or topics you’d like us to discuss during the chat, leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter! :)