I had the opportunity to present with friends Marek Beck and Natalie O’Neil at Google’s first Education On-Air conference, a massive, 2-day virtual conference that included incredible keynotes and an entire day filled with sessions on how to successfully integrate Google Apps for Education into your curricula. Our topic was Getting Geeky with Google Forms and Scripts.


Google Classroom is a new addition to the Google Apps for Education ecosystem, and it’s already helping teachers save time and be more effective in their assignment/feedback loop. We had a great TechEducator show a few months back with an incredible lineup of special guests: Alice Keeler, Jen Holland, and Nina Basinet.


Last summer, I helped run a series of online professional learning events for my school community. We hosted Google Hangouts on Air with expert Google Apps users who demonstrated some powerful ways to integrate Google into teachers’ curricula. The full series is here. This example shows how to utilize a few of Gmail’s features to take control of your inbox.


Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to present at some of the largest education conferences, including ISTE, ASCD, and FETC. This is a my first ISTE presentation, facilitated alongside colleagues Marek Beck and Matthew Dandola.


And for those of you interested in becoming Google Certified Innovators, here is my application video that helped me attend Google Teacher Academy in Mountain View, CA during the summer of 2014.